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I love Wadebridge because..

  • "I love living in Wadebridge because of Saturday mornings in the town (so many people to say hello to); diverse independent shops; The Camel Trail; playing fields; and more! We are THE friendly town. Woops almost forgot The Picture House coffee shop and Bridge Bistro – Brilliant." - Clive Robinson, former owner, Heat Store
  • "I love living and working as a volunteer in Wadebridge by organising the Cornwall Folk Festival, held over the August bank holiday. Its a platform for local talent to play alongside National and International performers. Lets make this 42-year old event one of the top ten Folk Festivals in the UK!" - Mike Walford, Cornwall Folk Festival Organiser
  • "I love working in Wadebridge because it’s an absolute pleasure and an honour to serve such a hard-working, yet fun-loving community. With the help and cooperation of the good local people, Wadebridge has become one of the safest towns in the county." - Phil Chanter, Local PCSO
  • "I love living in Wadebridge because it offers something for everyone: open shops, open spaces and an open community." - David Atfield, Former Lecturer at Cornwall College
  • "I love living and working in Wadebridge because it is such a picturesque town on the river Camel with a friendly and vibrant community, the jewel in North Cornwall’s crown!" - Reg Hambly, Independent Insurance Broker
  • "I love living and working in Wadebridge because, other than its endless variety, rich history and heritage, fantastic people and the fact that the businesses are endlessly helpful and have practically anything you could want to buy. It has a strong and supportive community spirit." - Lizzie-Jane Frankel, Artist and WREN Director
  • "I love visiting Wadebridge because small is beautiful, shopping is fun, dining is to be relished. It has everything you want and need for the good life. A great range of music, poetry, culinary and festive events. The fantastic community spirit and the green initiative called WREN." - Peter Crisp, Copywriter

About the Town

Nestled within North Cornwall’s Camel Valley, where salt water joins fresh, is a town determined to punch above its weight. A history that starts with the simple desire to bridge a river includes being the third place in the world to have a railway line. In 2012 the Sunday Times voted us one of the top 101 places to live in the British Isles, and our vision is set on a low-carbon economy.

Visitors come from far and wide to hear the sounds of our Folk Festival , the sights of the Royal Cornwall Show, and to break their cycle journey along the Camel Trail. Today our high street boasts virtually nothing but fine independent traders and first-class provisions.

www.lovewadebridge.co.uk is our celebration of this friendly, energetic town in which we live. We wish you a very warm welcome to Wadebridge!