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Get your bike, we're all going for a ride

It’s started. My eight year old asked me for an iPhone. Actually, the tone of the question seemed more of a demand. Then the reasoning began before I’d even had chance to say, “NO!”. She continues with her demands, “But ALL my friends have one, or at least a tablet!”. “No, maybe when you’re a bit older” replies the hostage. What I’m really thinking is, “when you’re 18 and can afford to buy one and pay the bills yourself”.

Museum re-opens

Wadebridge and District Museum originally opened in 2007 but closed in 2010 due to development on the site.

However, the museum was given space in Trebur House, a new development in Wadebridge on the corner of Cross Street and Chapel Lane, and re-opened on 28th September 2013.

It's opening hours are 11 am to 3 pm, Monday to Saturday.

More details on the museum's website here:
Wadebridge and District Museum

Wadebridge Energy Futures

Organisers from Wadebridge and District Museum, the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) and the chamber of commerce held an open discussion in the Town Hall asking visitors to answer questions on whether Wadebridge should lead the way in the development of energy stores using 21st century technology.

According to the organisers of the event, the answer was an emphatic "yes"

More can be read about Energy Futures here: Wadebridge Energy Futures - WREN

The Cornish Guardian also covered the event, more can be read here: Technology 'can make town a centre of innovation again' - Cornish Guardian